Fáilte – Welcome!

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I am a sculptor based in West Cork and I have been part of a number of exhibitions in both Ireland and the UK. I work with a variety of metalworking techniques and materials to create my 3D work. In particular, the process of working with steel has its own distinctive qualities and complexities that I feel lend an extra element of sharpness to my sculptures. The physical manipulation of the material in all stages allows me to connect directly to the sculpture. This aspect of physically wrestling with a hard and resisting material is an important factor in the personality of each finished piece and also in my own process of self expression. My work focuses on the portrayal of the human form, its emotional movement and the landscape of the imagination. My goal is to make a connection to the viewer and establish an understanding of how emotions, hopes and dreams connect us all. I draw inspiration from mythology, storytelling and the natural world which, along with observation and memory, play a part in my visualisation of scenes and characters.

Living on the unpopulated Great Blasket Island as a child has made a lasting impression on how I view the world. Storytelling, imagination and inquisitiveness about the nature of things became a lifeline in times of isolation. My unconventional education along with my own observations led me to understand that personalities and stories can be found anywhere, in every plant, creature and landmark. Through my artwork I want to record a glimpse of these stories and capture a moment frozen in time that tells us of its emotion, its movement, its character and in so doing spark the imagination of the viewer in the hope of encouraging the development of a more creative world.